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Garden services, Sandton has been developing activities related to gardening, tree felling and landscaping for more than 5 years. The ornamental value of green areas depends on conservation, the choice of species and the adaptation quality of the species. 

Our team specialized in urban gardening deals with the conservation of public and private parks, sports centres with green areas, parks, furniture and irrigation networks.

On the other hand, projects for the introduction of species are also carried out, through the preparation of studies and projects, which result in the creation of green areas for public, private and sports use, in environmental and landscape recovery of degraded areas, in the installation of irrigation and drainage systems or in the management, sealing and closure of landfills.

How Gardening Help Climate Change
How Gardening Help Climate Change
Gardening Services Sandton Johannesburg
Gardening Services Sandton Johannesburg
Tree felling Gardening Services Sandton
Tree felling Gardening Services Sandton


  • House gardening services.
  • Installation of irrigation and drainage networks.
  • Construction of pavements, paths and green corridors.
  • Tree felling
  • Painting.
  • Construction of parks and gardens in public and private areas.
  • Restoration of degraded urban green areas.
  • Environmental and landscape recovery.
  • Restoration of landfills and gravel pits.
  • House Renovation.
  • Recovery of coastline, dunes and wetlands.

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