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Why Gardening Is Good For You?

  • How Does Gardening Help Climate Change

    How Does Gardening Help Climate Change?

    Climate-friendly horticulture is horticulture in ways that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from gardens and promote soil and plant uptake of carbon dioxide to help reduce global warming . Being a climate-friendly gardener means considering both what happens in the garden and the materials brought into it and their impact on land use and climate . It may also include garden elements or garden activities that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere. An orchard with fruit trees, herbaceous…

  • How Gardening Help Climate Change

    Why Gardening Is Good For The Environment?

    Let’s reflect on what is ecological gardening , organic farming and where this fits into the grand scheme of things, because new developments in organic gardening have been going on since the 1920’s, it’s really to remember what our ancestors did when All places eaten are free chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives. But to this day, how can we address soil…

  • Why Gardening Is Good For You?

    More than half of the Earth’s population now lives in cities, with limited access to nature. For Europe and Latin America, the figure is over 70%. However, being in contact with nature has many benefits for both our physical and mental health . Gardening is an opportunity for everyone to experience this contact with nature, even if they live in…